Kris Bryant exits Cubs game after injuring hand on slide

Kris Bryant is a player the Cubs can’t afford to lose for very long while they’re chasing the Brewers in the National League Central, but they’ll be without their third baseman for at least Wednesday’s game. Bryant slid head-first into third base in the first inning of the series finale against the Braves, and injured what appears to be a finger in the process.

You can see Bryant’s hand connect with Braves’ third baseman Johan Camargo right in the cleat during an attempted steal of third base:

Bryant immediately reacted to the contact, and was removed from the game with Tommy La Stella taking over at third to begin the second half of the first inning.

Kris Bryant received x-rays on his hand, and the result was the discovery of a sprained pinky finger. The good news for both Bryant and the Cubs is that nothing is broken, and their star is day-to-day.

Good thing he can’t really fix that, as it’s incredible to watch every single time he pulls it off.

Trying to figure out how he is able to generate that type of power from one knee, and the quickness with which he pivots to the ground, is remarkable to say the least.

Beltre was the weirdo prospect who was actually younger than his listed age:

Boras eventually got Major League Baseball to review the case and after a lengthy Cheap Queensland Jerseys investigation, they determined that the Dodgers in fact had signed Beltre when he Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys was 15. The signing age for international amateurs is 16.

The Dodgers fudged his age in reverse, and they got slapped with a bunch of penalties for it. Only Beltre can show up to his major league debut and “well-actually” Scott Boras about his age.

Pacers’ Paul George fires back at media’s ‘complete ignorance’

After Game 2 of the Pacers’ NBA playoff series against the Cavs, Paul George made comments about his teammates that many viewed as critical. He said Lance Stephenson needs to “control himself” and said Myles Turner needs to “take it to the next level.”

Numerous outlets ran with the quotes, but George wasn’t happy with how he was portrayed. Many headlines claimed the All-Star was unhappy with his team, and that these quotes were evidence he wanted to leave the Pacers.

“Complete ignorance,” George said Wednesday when Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys asked to respond to the criticism. “Everybody knows how close I am with my teammates, and to really make that the highlight of the series — I said that only to motivate us and to win the series. That’s what this thing is about. Winning. And trying to bring a championship to Indy and try to get out of this first round. That was the only story that needed to be written about.

“For them to say I’m a selfish teammate or I don’t think about my teammates, or Cheap Retro Jerseys NBA I’m throwing my teammates under the bus — I didn’t say anything bad about my teammates other than what [the media] asked that I think my teammates can do down the stretch to help this team win. I didn’t say anything that was even close to throwing them under the bus.”