Bell’s contract situation will be a major storyline next spring

Because the Giants already had a championship-caliber defense in 2016. Now, with Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram they have significantly upgraded what they have on offense. And regardless of what outsiders think, I still believe Eli Manning has enough left in the tank to win big games.

If Bell doesn’t return in time for the regular season, he’ll forfeit large amounts of his salary for the 2017 season. And no matter how much he believes he’s worth record-breaking amounts, Bell is going to receive $12.12 million under the franchise tag.

So he’ll show up soon, and things will get back to normal with Bell grinding for the best season he can have for the Steelers.

He celebrated the signing of Joe Haden, congratulated Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert on his extension, and has shut down critical tweets from fans. He also retweeted Rams running back Todd Gurley who said Bell should be getting $20 million per year.

Bell’s contract situation will be a major storyline next spring, but for now, Thursday is likely the last day it will be discussed much publicly. So Bell is ending the holdout with attitude.

Whoever gets the call will have to be able to produce in a high-pressure environment. Expectations in Kansas City are mounting after last season’s AFC West title ended with a one-and-done playoff performance. Alex Smith’s conservative passing makes the Chiefs’ running game a priority, and Ware was pegged Cheap Jerseys Wholesale China to be the leader of that unit in 2017. Now, those duties fall to a Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys group of players loaded with question marks.