Will Jabrill Peppers boom or bust in NFL? That depends on who you ask

Jabrill Peppers is either the best football player in the 2017 NFL Draft or an overrated bust-in-waiting.

That depends on who you ask after reports Peppers tested positive for a dilute sample at the NFL Combine. Peppers’ agency offered a response to the test, and now we have two sides to the story. The same could be said for Peppers’ NFL Draft prospects.

Given Prescott’s shorter offseason and late rise as a No. 1, opponents weren’t sure what to expect from him. Now he has a full season of tendencies, strengths and weakness for defensive coordinators to examine.

Because it’s so tough to stop the run first against the Cowboys, Prescott will still get plenty favorable looks. But there will be lot more information on how to contain him early and late in games.

The North Charleston, S.C., officer who shot Walter Scott while he was running away whose state trial had ended last December in a mistrial pleaded guilty last week to federal civil rights charges.

And the Department of Justice chose last week not to pursue federal charges against the officers in Baton Rouge, La., who last July shot and killed Alton Sterling while holding him down on Cheap Baseball Jerseys China the ground. This is significant because several pro athletes took to social media to protest this shooting, and were told by many to “stick to sports.”

One of the first, and most prominent, to speak up was Colin Kaepernick.

Nearly a year later, still no justice for Sterling’s death. And for the man who used his football platform to bring attention to it … still no football job.