How the 1st-place Minnesota Twins can stay there

The original headline was going to read “I’m writing about the Twins to check them off my list and feel better when I’m not writing about them in August.” It would have been a cheeky, disrespectful headline. But honest. If the Twins are within three games of first place at the end of Cheap Dream Team Jerseys August, I will write fan fiction about Joe Mauer’s twins being rivals with Buster Posey’s twins at summer basketball camp, only to realize they have lots in common, which helps them band together against a common enemy, Mr. McGarnle, the mean-spirited counselor from across the lake.

Which is to say, I probably won’t be writing about the Twins much in August. Or twins.

But what if, though? What if? The Twins have a share of first place right now, and it’s rude not to pay attention to them. As such, it’s helpful to look at how the Twins could stay in first place. Dream big, it’s May. We’re all friends, here, and there are no wrong answers. What would Cheap Eagles Jerseys a first-place Twins team look like?

Toronto split its first two games at home against Milwaukee, but the Bucks absolutely clobbered the Raptors in Game 3. The Raptors managed only 46 points through three quarters, with Milwaukee stifling them at nearly every turn.

The other series that starts back up is the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs. The Grizzlies won Game 3 after head coach David Fizdale’s rant to the referees, and they showed they’re not giving up this series easily. On the other hand, it’s the Spurs, and nobody will be too surprised if this series finishes rather quickly.

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