Aaron Rodgers believes Colin Kaepernick’s protests are the reason he’s unsigned

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t share his opinions often, but recently opened up in an interview with ESPN’s Mina Kimes. He was still tight-lipped about his relationship with his family and wasn’t very revealing about his break up with Olivia Munn, but Rodgers shared his thoughts on other subjects, including the unemployment of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Wright, who underwent the process two weeks ago, told the Seattle Times he felt “1,000 percent” better than before.

Pete Carroll has been happy with it overall and has even given it a nickname. “We have a few guys who have entered the circle—that’s what I’m calling it now instead of the process,” Carroll said. “They’ve entered the circle and they’ll be gone this week to do their stuff, then they’ll meet us in Oakland … We’re doing it to make sure that they’re strong going into the start of the season.

“Our guys that have gone through it have really been positive about it, brought back really good reinforcement thoughts and we’re kind of banking on that,” Carroll said.

Through two games, he’s attempted only 15 passes, but he completed 12 of them en route to an 8.7 yards-per-attempt mark. So far, it’s been the best preseason performance of his career.

The starting role still belongs to the veteran, but another big game from Mahomes could flip the hourglass that determines Smith’s tenure in Kansas City. If he struggles early in the regular season, Chiefs fans could point to the rookie’s ability to adapt as evidence he’s ready to take over the offense. First, he’ll have to work Cheap Online Jerseys his rookie magic against a much more difficult Cheap Pro Jerseys opponent — the Seahawks.

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