2017 NFL draft: Time, TV schedule, location, and more for Round 1

The 2017 NFL draft starts on Thursday in Philadelphia. The draft’s first round is Thursday, followed by the second and third rounds on Friday. Rounds four through seven are set for Sunday and will move a lot quicker than the opening rounds.

His best attribute might be his instincts on the perimeter. The cornerback excels when it comes to leveraging his frame and upper-body strength to pin opposing receivers to the sideline. Often, Moreau forces his opponents out of bounds simply due to his understanding of route concepts.

Moreau always maintains a high-effort level, flying into opposing backfields to make plays against screen passes and the run. His aggressiveness is complemented both in the run game – by his ability to wrap up and tackle – and in the passing game – by his recognition of opponents’ routes.

With Moreau, injuries could potentially be a concern. In addition to the torn pectoral, which leaves in doubt his availability for the start of the 2017 season, he also suffered a Lisfranc foot injury New York Jets Cheap Jerseys in Pittsburgh Penguins Cheap Jerseys 2015. Those two issues aren’t enough to label the defensive back as “injury-prone,” but they were enough to drop him a round or two.

Moreau’s lack of ball production — he only intercepted three passes throughout his five years at UCLA, good for one interception every 63 targets — could also be a concern. He needs to improve in his ability to track balls when his back is turned towards the line of scrimmage.