NFL’s mess in Los Angeles has left Chargers hopeless and virtually homeless

The Chargers are winless in Los Angeles, but the NFL looks like the bigger loser.

“I said that earlier this week, and we know sticking together is something that we do,” Newton continued. “I wear the colors proudly. I stand for the national anthem, and I don’t look down upon a person who doesn’t feel that they want to. You have to respect another man’s judgement for why they’re protesting. It’s been some type of flack from the national anthem, people protesting in streets, it’s been flack from any type of protest, but at the end of the day, it’s still cause for concern for people to listen to each other.

“As a football player, as an entertainer to a lot of people, I just want everybody to just come together and find ways. I think that’s what sports does ā€” basketball, football, hockey, water polo, golf ā€” it doesn’t matter because when you’re looking in the stands, it’s no racial tension outside of that, and a lot of people are just rooting for each other. I know that’s going to be heavily contingent upon whatever is moving forward, but I just hope and I pray to God that this country finds the energy and the Cheap Jerseys Bike heart to come together as a whole.”

I respect every single player in the NFL. Every single citizen has their rights. I Cheap Jerseys And Sunglasses am not into the politics of the game. Iā€™m just a football player.”