Steelers won free agency before it even began

The Steelers’ top two priorities heading into the offseason: lock up Antonio Brown to a long-term extension and don’t let Le’Veon Bell hit the free agent market.

Mission already accomplished.

On Monday, the Steelers slapped the franchise tag on superstar running back Bell, ensuring he’ll stick around for at least the next season. Pittsburgh later made Brown the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL by signing him to a four-year extension.

Holding onto this year’s top free agent and extending one of the NFL’s best receivers to a long-term deal? Just another day in Pittsburgh.

The league should get rid of the call altogether. It rids referees of the burden that comes with having to make the call and gives players one fewer call to worry about.

Is hanging on the rim really so heinous of a crime that a team should be penalized for it? Half the time, rim-hangs are saving someone from injury. Other times, it’s an instinctive act that comes naturally with attacking the rim.

The NFL has been widely criticized for limiting its players’ creativity during touchdown celebrations. So much so, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins trolled the NFL by walking off the field like a robot after a touchdown.

The NBA has long been at the forefront of innovation, but blowing the whistle on rim-hanging is a prehistoric way of thinking. It’s time for the league, as it has always done, to grow with the times.

Or else, it could risk becoming a league of all robots. And what fun would that be?6