NFL free agency: Cowboys lose cornerbacks Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne

The Cowboys lost a pair of cornerbacks in less than half an hour Thursday afternoon as NFL free agency continues.

Brandon Carr signed a four-year deal with Baltimore, the organization announced. According to ESPN, Carr essentially received a one-year deal that could expand to a four-year, $24 million contract if all the options are exercised.

“This is a good football player,” general manager Ozzie Newsome said. “We got better today.”

Meanwhile, Morris Claiborne has reached an agreement with the Jets, ESPN reported. Contract terms haven’t been revealed for his deal.

Carr, 30, has played in all 16 games each season during his nine-year career. Most recently, he spent five years with the Cowboys, where he recorded 61 tackles, nine passes rushed and one interception.

Claiborne, 27, was drafted sixth overall by the Cowboys in 2012. He recorded 151 total tackles in Dallas along with four interceptions.

Beltre will wind up in the Hall of Fame, but he’s not done as an All-Star-caliber player yet. Don’t think anyone expected Odor to hit 33 homers last year, but that’s what happened. He turns 23 in February. Andrus might be a bit overpaid, but he still provides reliable defense and hit .302 with Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys eight homers, 69 RBIs and an .800 OPS last year (all were career highs). At first base? Even if they don’t wind up with any of the sluggers still available via free agency or trade, Rua won’t be the only guy getting ABs at the position. Joey Gallo figures into the position a bit, as does Jurickson Profar. cubs_1188

Will Jabrill Peppers boom or bust in NFL? That depends on who you ask

Jabrill Peppers is either the best football player in the 2017 NFL Draft or an overrated bust-in-waiting.

That depends on who you ask after reports Peppers tested positive for a dilute sample at the NFL Combine. Peppers’ agency offered a response to the test, and now we have two sides to the story. The same could be said for Peppers’ NFL Draft prospects.

Given Prescott’s shorter offseason and late rise as a No. 1, opponents weren’t sure what to expect from him. Now he has a full season of tendencies, strengths and weakness for defensive coordinators to examine.

Because it’s so tough to stop the run first against the Cowboys, Prescott will still get plenty favorable looks. But there will be lot more information on how to contain him early and late in games.

The North Charleston, S.C., officer who shot Walter Scott while he was running away whose state trial had ended last December in a mistrial pleaded guilty last week to federal civil rights charges.

And the Department of Justice chose last week not to pursue federal charges against the officers in Baton Rouge, La., who last July shot and killed Alton Sterling while holding him down on Cheap Baseball Jerseys China the ground. This is significant because several pro athletes took to social media to protest this shooting, and were told by many to “stick to sports.”

One of the first, and most prominent, to speak up was Colin Kaepernick.

Nearly a year later, still no justice for Sterling’s death. And for the man who used his football platform to bring attention to it … still no football job.

McKenzie told Raiders media the franchise did “miles and miles” of research in vetting Conley.

“When I first did the backflip catches, people were thinking, ‘Is he a football player or can he just do backflip catches?’” Cohen said. “People have to go research me. Then they could see that I really can play football.”

Cohen proved that once again last year, his third straight with 1,400plus rushing yards. Cohen finished as the MEAC’s alltime career rushing leader with 5,619 yards along, scoring a schoolrecord 59 touchdowns.

Cohen further helped his draft stock at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and is now projected as a potential secondday pick. Not only did his 40yard dash time of 4.42 seconds rank second among all running backs, Cohen led his position group with a blazing 1.47second split in the first 10 yards.

Asked whether any new postdraft information surfaced that the Raiders didn’t already know about, McKenzie said, “Absolutely not.”

McKenzie told Raiders media the franchise did “miles and miles” of research in vetting Conley. That carries weight. So does the fact that during his fiveplus seasons at the helm, McKenzie has made offfield character an important part of the decisionmaking process when acquiring a player. No player on the active roster has gotten arrested since 2014, per USA Today.

Houston has the best defense, and Jacksonville’s D is rising with its young talent. But the AFC South will be decided by offense.

Houston with Savage would remain well behind Jacksonville with Cheap NFL Jerseys China Blake Bortles at the most important position, unfathomable after the Brock Osweiler disaster. It might be different had Savage outperformed Osweiler during the two starts in which he spelled him last season. Or if Savage had some of the veteran journeyman accomplishments of Ryan Fitzpatrick or Brian Hoyer in his favor.

My preparation is everything for me

Jackson didn’t hold back during his end-of-the-season press conference in April, blasting Anthony’s shot selection and defensive effort. It was the culmination of a Super Cheap Jerseys China season’s worth of bombs the Zen Master launched in Anthony’s direction.

“We’ve not been able to win with him on the court at this time,” Jackson said during his exit press conference. “I think the direction with our team is that he is a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talents somewhere he can win, or chase that championship.”

Roberts took action, reaching out to NBA commissioner Adam Silver shortly after Jackson’s comments. In a statement, the union cited its own inability to speak publicly about players wanting to be employed elsewhere.

“The door swings both ways when it comes to demonstrating loyalty and respect,” Roberts told Araton.

But the league has yet to respond to Jackson’s comments or the NBPA’s complaint. That hasn’t sat well with Roberts, who says she has players who are “very unhappy” with the NBA’s silence.

“I’m a cornerback that thinks like a Mike linebacker,” he told SB Nation in an interview. He clearly prizes hitting and tackling, traits not instantly associated with most cornerbacks.

“My preparation is everything for me. I didn’t really have any hobbies outside of football. If I’m not playing football, I’m watching tape on some player. I’m trying to study on Google, just trying to find any kind of tidbit that I can.”

And surprisingly, while Rossi’s outrage knew no bounds when it came to Crosby’s cross-check in the face, he was strangely silent both about Patric Hornqvist trying to take Lars Eller’s head off with a wild elbow (missing and hitting Conor Sheary in an incident which saw the Pens forward follow his captain down the tunnel) and Chris Kunitz taking the kind of run at T.J. Oshie that, based on previous form, would have had him calling for Pens fans to storm the Verizon Center behind a rampaging Iceburgh carrying burning Easton Synergy torches, had it been thrown the other way.

NBA playoff scores 2017: Goodnight, Russell Westbrook

The Oklahoma City Thunder are the latest team to be eliminated from the 2017 NBA playoffs. The Thunder fell Tuesday night to Houston in Game 5 of the series between the two teams.

The Rockets will now move on to Round 2 after defeating the Thunder in five NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys games. The Spurs and Jazz also played Tuesday and took 3-2 leads over the Grizzlies and Clippers respectively. Here’s how it all went down.

The Clippers now face a question with the future of the franchise hanging in the balance. Do they bring Paul and Griffin back for another go-round with the same team, hoping injuries don’t derail a talented team once full of promise? Or do they blow it up, let Griffin, Paul and Redick walk and start from scratch again? Do they shell out the $200-plus million needed to remain relevant, or fall back to their status as the bottom dwellers on the West Coast?

And what do these questions mean for Doc Rivers’ future as president and head coach in Los Angeles?

Griffin and Paul hold the cards in their hands. They could each opt-in for the final seasons of their contracts, bringing the band back for one last go at getting over the hump. Or they could leave and find their next move.

Either way, Los Angeles is in a precarious situation headed into summer of 2017. And losing Game 7 at home in the first-round to the Jazz didn’t make the decision-making process any smoother.

Crucially, that success is what will finally make sure that articles and views like Spector’s quoted above will, in the fullness of time, be seen for the blinkered, restrictive mentality that they and the “hockey man” way of thinking are.

That success will play a large part in changing hockey’s thought processes for the better, and for that reason, hockey as a whole should be wishing John Chayka every success over the next few years.

Rachel Nichols on what we lose when we lose Steve Kerr’s voice.

Isaiah Thomas credits his teammates with lifting him up during an emotional time.

Rachel Nichols on what we lose when we lose Steve Kerr’s voice.

Nene almost retired last summer. Now he’s an integral part of Houston’s playoff run.

Whoops! Joe Ingles should have been a Clipper. Instead he’s helping to hurt L.A.

And finally: an adult Clippers fan was quite rude to a tiny Jazz fan during a bubble race, so the Jazz mascot avenged him by viciously attacking said Clippers fan. All is fair in love and bubble races.

Working in the Devils favor right now is the fact that they do have some younger pieces coming through the pipeline that appear as though they will be able to contribute to the NHL Really Cheap Jerseys team. Additionally, we have a new director of scouting in Paul Castron who helped to identify some key pieces for the Columbus Blue Jackets to draft in his time with them. Hopefully he will be able to do the same here in New Jersey in the long run; as a side note, that Michael McLeod pick is looking pretty good right now. With this in mind, another draft pick in the first round for either this season or more likely next could give the Devils an additional asset that will be contributing in a couple of years.

Kostin has two factors against him. First, he suffered a shoulder injury that ended his season months early. Second … he’s Russian. And it sucks that’s a factor, but Dallas Stars winger Valeri Nichushkin bolting for the KHL due to ice time last summer didn’t help the Russian stigma.

But Kostin is good. He’s a big, 6’3 winger that’s nearly impossible to dislodge from the puck and owns a good shot. Kostin would be a nice complimentary scorer for a Panthers team needing scoring size on the wings.

How the 1st-place Minnesota Twins can stay there

The original headline was going to read “I’m writing about the Twins to check them off my list and feel better when I’m not writing about them in August.” It would have been a cheeky, disrespectful headline. But honest. If the Twins are within three games of first place at the end of Cheap Dream Team Jerseys August, I will write fan fiction about Joe Mauer’s twins being rivals with Buster Posey’s twins at summer basketball camp, only to realize they have lots in common, which helps them band together against a common enemy, Mr. McGarnle, the mean-spirited counselor from across the lake.

Which is to say, I probably won’t be writing about the Twins much in August. Or twins.

But what if, though? What if? The Twins have a share of first place right now, and it’s rude not to pay attention to them. As such, it’s helpful to look at how the Twins could stay in first place. Dream big, it’s May. We’re all friends, here, and there are no wrong answers. What would Cheap Eagles Jerseys a first-place Twins team look like?

Toronto split its first two games at home against Milwaukee, but the Bucks absolutely clobbered the Raptors in Game 3. The Raptors managed only 46 points through three quarters, with Milwaukee stifling them at nearly every turn.

The other series that starts back up is the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs. The Grizzlies won Game 3 after head coach David Fizdale’s rant to the referees, and they showed they’re not giving up this series easily. On the other hand, it’s the Spurs, and nobody will be too surprised if this series finishes rather quickly.

Holmes and Southward weren’t outliers, either.

His winning ways go back to high school. Watson led his alma mater, Gainesville High School, to a state championship in 2012. It was the first championship in the Red Elephants’ century-plus history.

Watson finished his college career with 8,697 yards and 76 touchdowns to 30 interceptions over two seasons as a full-time starter. He has been consistently praised for his leadership, too. His college coach, Dabo Swinney, likened him to Michael Jordan, and he said on the Rich Eisen Show that anyone who doesn’t see Watson as first-round talent “should lose their jobs.”

“They don’t know Deshaun. I mean, I can’t even tell you how brilliant he is as a football player, as a person, how impactful of a man he is,” Swinney said. “He’s going to change a locker room the day he gets there. He’s just so driven, so humble. (He has an) unbelievable understanding of his platform and his skill set is off the charts. He can do anything and everything.”

That includes punting, which Watson did effectively in the title game win over Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys Alabama, pinning them deep in their own territory.

And Watson didn’t just win consistently — he did it against top competition. Watson Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys had the toughest strength of schedule of any quarterback in this year’s draft, and he led his team to a 5-1 record in the postseason.

Holmes and Southward weren’t outliers, either. Not a single player from Atlanta’s 2012 draft is still in the NFL. They still have Alex Smith, so Mahomes won’t be pressured to start right away. When he does, he brings a bigger arm that Smith never had, giving the Chiefs’ offense a more dynamic approach. If all goes well, Mahomes could be a natural successor to Smith.

Jones improved every year through his NCAA career

“I don’t know why I get the stipulation of, ‘I haven’t played against great competition,’ because I really feel like I have, in a sense,” he said.

A fairer critique of Jones’ numbers is that, as a senior, he played in head coach Scottie Montgomery’s pass-oriented spread system. Pirate quarterbacks targeted him an incredible 221 times, 47 more than anyone else in the country last year. But his 71.5 percent catch rate is quite good for someone targeted that often. It was also Jones’ first year as an outside receiver after spending his first three mostly in the slot.

“I’m really proud of those numbers that I was able to get,” he said. “I’m a great vertical threat. I’m just a playmaker. I’m versatile; I’ve played in many, multiple positions. I would say the improvements that I need is those one-on-one battles in that press coverage, because it was my first year playing that X position outside.”

Above them all stands Zay Jones. No player in college football has ever caught more passes in one year than the East Carolina product, who hauled in 158 receptions for the Pirates. Now, the Buffalo Bills are hoping the emerging wideout can break the trend of disappointing pro performances from prolific college receivers. Buffalo selected Jones with the 37th pick i the NFL Draft.

Jones improved every year through his NCAA career, but no one could have predicted his insane 2016. He averaged more than 13 receptions per game and accounted for 1,772 total yards — or nearly 32 percent of his team’s total offense. Despite his presence the Pirates staggered to a 3-9 record last Cheap Bruins Jerseys fall, defeating only Western Carolina, Connecticut, and, somehow, North Carolina State.

That tenure, where he regularly played opponents like UConn, Central Florida, and SMU each season, raises a pair of important questions about the talented wideout. Was his Cheap Jerseys Coupon Code monumental performance in 2016 the product of empty stats? How he will adjust to the game’s highest level.

Draymond Green won’t even get ejected from any games!

Godwin possesses a good combination of size, speed and quickness, which he utilizes to get separation for his quarterback. He doesn’t have elite speed, but he has enough to be a vertical threat as well as work the middle of the field on drag routes and slants. He gets off the line well in most situations, using his hands to fight off defensive backs.

Godwin needs to look the ball into his hands better, but he is very good at making adjustments to the ball in the air. He can be dangerous after the catch. He has the ability to play outside the numbers, as well, but Godwin might struggle against more physical corners in the NFL.

The Warriors are by far the best team in the NBA, and will go 16-0 in the playoffs — the first time that’s ever been done — to claim their second championship in three years.

Draymond Green won’t even get ejected from any games!

Stephen Curry will finally win the Finals MVP, capping an extraordinary three-year run and Wholesale Jerseys From China beginning summer conversations about whether he’s the greatest point guard ever.

Sacking quarterbacks was a struggle for the Lions in 2016. Harris Wholesale NFL Jerseys China can be a dynamic solution to that problem with his burst and speed off the line of scrimmage.

Cameron Wake won’t be around much longer to hold down the entire Dolphins pass rush. Ndamukong Suh provides a bunch inside, but getting an edge rusher like Charlton would be a huge boost.